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Sunday, January 20, 2008
What Information Do I need to provide for a new home loan - January 20, 2008
We received several questions regarding what's needed when you're getting a home loan. We decided to replay this podcast from July 2007 to answer the question Mortgages Made Simple logo"What information do I need to provide to my loan officer? " We give you a brief checklist of the items you will need to gather for a quick and simple loan transaction. Will you need W2s, tax returns or what? We get to the bottom of this and more.

And we answer a listener's question about Yield Spread premium.

Click here to find out What information do I need to provide to my loan officer?

Show Notes: Click here for a simple Checklist

Items Needed Loan Checklist

1. Latest 2 years of W2’s
2. Most current paystubs for latest one month period
3. 2 most recent bank statements

Self Employed must use latest 2 years tax returns and a
year to date profit and loss statement.

Be prepared to provide a letter of explanation for any derogatory credit or any unusual circumstances. Such as a extraordinarily long commute to work or a several month gap in your employment history

Most loans don’t require a lot of information from you. But the more information you provide to clear up any unusual circumstances will help your loan close faster.

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