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Sunday, September 30, 2007
My loan is about to adjust, should I refinance now or fix my credit? - September 30, 2007
My loan is going to reset in 2 months. Is now the time to refinance with slightly bad credit? Mortgages Made Simple logoThis week we answer a podcast listener's question. Her mortgage is about to adjust but her credit has a couple blemishes. She wondered whether she should use her extra money to get a lower interest rate or payoff some credit card debt to improve her credit score. She also wanted to know if she should spend some of that money on home improvements to increase her home's value. Home financing decisions can be complicated so you should always think them over carefully and get advice if you are the sligtest bit confused. A small mistake now can cost you thousands of dollars later.

Show Notes: Rapid Rescore - A way to increase your FICO score if there is an error on your credit.

Be sure to leave us any questions you have and we'll answer them on the show.

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